For this project, first things were first….and that meant getting the pattern book – Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton's Book #2.

Klaralund Patten Book

Once I got the pattern book, then of course, I had to decide on the yarn and the colourway! For me, it was Noro Silk Garden in #201. Wow, even now, the yarn looks just so yummy! Noro is such a gorgeous yarn and their colours are amazing!

Noro Silk Garden

I found this knit to be very quick and easy. It is 4 rectangles and the stitches are very easy too. For me, it was a wonderful way to get back into knitting after a brief hiatus for moving, getting married and settling into a new city. I took several progress photos along the way. I started on the project on June 29, 2005 and completed it on July 27, 2005 which is just under a month…not bad at all for a full garment! If you'd like to see the progress photos, please go here.


My pattern notes are as follows:

(1) used size 10 Denise Interchangeable needles;
(2) used 9.25 skeins;
(3) used Silk Garden Colourway #201;
(4) did not close back "V" as it's more flattering open and the sweater is now reversible without the V closed;
(5) steam blocked;
(6) mattress stitched seams;
(7) used acrylic yarn to sew seams as the Silk Garden easily split when pulled too hard; and,
(8) flipped the body pieces and put the bottom at the top and the top at the bottom as long tail cast-on did not allow enough give to go around the waistline.

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